February 22, 2020

Finding the Way Out: How a Gay Man from India Overcame Adversity in Pursuit of Living His Best Life By Katy Ray Qutie is the dating and social networking app that connects queer people from around the world, and when we meet app users like Kaustav, with real stories of strength and resilience, we want […]

June 3, 2019

Happy Pride Qutie’s! This is an exciting time of the year, a time to come together, a time to be thankful and a time to celebrate. This month, Qutie celebrates Pride in New York City (our home state) and around the world! This time of year is meaningful as we commemorate the Stonewall Riots of […]

March 19, 2019

It seems like we’re always talking about the actual act of dating: what to do on first dates, how to keep the spark alive in LTRs, etc. But – sometimes – getting to the date is actually the hardest part. Who can’t relate to the near-crippling fear of setting up your LGBTQutie profile? The nerve racking […]

August 1, 2018

Nurturing the Self in Your Relationship By Katy Ray One of the most beautiful ideas about a relationship is the idea of becoming one with your partner, of molding your lives together and exchanging the I for the we. And who doesn’t want the we? When the we is strong, life seems less complicated, less […]

May 2, 2018

By Katy Ray Spring time is here! The flowers are coming out, the sun is coming out, and maybe some of you are contemplating coming out. For many people in the LGBTQ community, coming out can pose its own risks. From homophobic family members to a discriminatory workplace, coming out can be a painstakingly difficult process, […]

January 7, 2018

Katy Ray tackles the topic of supporting your partner and communicating together as you tackle your New Year’s resolutions!

December 6, 2017

SCOTUS hears case of LGBTQ discrimination in the name of religious liberty

October 10, 2017

by Katy Ray  Self-care: it’s a concept that’s so unfamiliar to so many, yet such an integral part of a healthy, happy relationship. All too often, self-care is considered synonymous with selfishness, which is frowned upon in relationships; however, we’re here to debunk that myth and remind you that when you’re your best self, your […]

July 19, 2017

By Katy Ray Famed social media star Jeffrey Marsh has recently published a book, How to Be You, and it’s jam-packed with life lessons that will transform your inner journey to self acceptance and your outward journey to dating and love. Through Jeffrey’s own story of “growing up fabulous in a small farm town,” along […]

June 16, 2017

By Katy Ray It’s wedding season, and lesbian Youtube star Marissa Farina is back with her latest Marissa and Brittany Couples video, “Reacting to My Proposal Video” and LGBTQutie has the scoop! In her vlog, Marissa relives the moments leading up to Brittany’s proposal, and it’s an epic display of love, excitement, and all the […]