June 16, 2017

By Katy Ray

It’s wedding season, and lesbian Youtube star Marissa Farina is back with her latest Marissa and Brittany Couples video, “Reacting to My Proposal Video” and LGBTQutie has the scoop! In her vlog, Marissa relives the moments leading up to Brittany’s proposal, and it’s an epic display of love, excitement, and all the magic a Harry Potter World-proposal could provide.

I’ve sat down to ask Marissa and Brittany to learn a little more about their upcoming nuptials, and this is what they have to say! Read on to celebrate the love that Marissa and Brittany have found—which started with a dating app—and be sure to check out their video below! 

You’re less than 100 days away from your wedding! What are your biggest stressors and your biggest joys?

We still can’t believe we are under the 100 day count! Our biggest stressor right now is finalizing all the details. It was fun and exciting in the beginning to pick photographers, florists and a venue, but now we need all these details to come together flawlessly and create the vision we have!

It’s wedding season! What advice would you give to Quties who may be planning a wedding?

My advice for anyone planning a wedding would be to stay organized and ask for advice. Create lists of everything you need and the timeline it should be completed by. Asking others for tips and pointers has been a lifesaver for me—Especially getting different opinions. I definitely couldn’t have done this alone!

What’s something you think your followers have learned from hearing your story and watching along with you as you reflect on your proposal?

Love will always prevail. A week after our engagement in Orlando, the shooting at Pulse nightclub occurred. Having been there just a few days prior really hit us hard. My heart goes out to all the victim’s friends and families. This incident was horrific and unforgettable, but it has made the LGBTQ+ community so much stronger. We did not let this break our community, and we should continue to do so. Love will always win. My fiancé and I are just two individuals in a bigger story, and we are so proud to show our love to the world.

Click below to see what their love is all about:

At LGBTQutie, we’re all about celebrating love and relationships. Congrats, Marissa and Brittany, and best of luck on your big day!

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