December 29, 2016

With the starting of a new year comes the opportunity to reflect on your personal relationships and make meaningful goals to help you achieve your fullest, best self. Whether you’re in a relationship or you’re re-entering the dating field after a holiday break up—and believe me, those are the worst—these resolutions will help get you back in the game or keep you in it.

Focus on You First

It’s hard to be selfish when you have a heart of gold. Some of us are just wired to give give give, and make sure the other person is happy. Sometimes, we lose sight of ourselves, our hopes, our dreams, and our goals when we enter an emotional commitment with another human being. This year, resolve to put your best foot forward by first focusing on you. Get back to the person you were, or take the time to reach the best version of yourself you can be. We all have flaws; it’s what makes us human. Whether you want to lose some weight, save some money, or see a professional about that ex you can’t seem to shake off, investing in yourself and achieving your goals will lead to self-fulfillment and happiness—traits that are incredibly attractive in a partner.

Date Outside Your Norm  

We all have a type. Whether it’s hair color, eyes, body build, or personality traits, we all have those basic qualities we look for in a mate. If you’re re-entering the dating field after a recent break up or a long pause, don’t be afraid to explore beyond your typical type and find someone different. You may be surprised how dating beyond your typical femme, butch, or hairless chested body building man can re-energize your dating routine and bring some fun and excitement to 2017.

Stop Blowing Up Their Inbox

If you met someone great at the New Year’s Eve party, or you met someone awesome on LGBTQutie, we’re extremely excited for you! The ability to learn more about someone else and share your best qualities is one of the most exciting parts of dating. Once you meet that special someone, be sure to keep safe boundaries around the texting and social media. Blowing up their cell phone, their Facebook inbox, or Twitter handle without the reciprocation on their end is a classic no-no. If you meet and Uhaul on the second date–hey, who are we to judge?—just make sure they’re giving you as much social media attention as you’re giving them.

Set Strong Boundaries

Every healthy relationship has boundaries, or guidelines, rules, and limits that a couple creates to outline safe and permissible behaviors and treatments. Every strong couple should define those ways and determine how they will respond when someone in the relationship surpasses those boundaries. Whether you’re in an established relationship or planning to enter one, take a moment to reflect on your boundaries and revisit them with yourself or your partner. What are you comfortable with? What are your non-negotiations? Do you operate with healthy boundaries? Have you taken the time to determine what they are? Setting strong boundaries and maintaining them is sure to keep you safe, happy, and healthy in the new year.

Allow Yourself to Fail

Look, dating isn’t easy. You’re probably not going to hit it off with the first person you meet in 2017. If someone declines the offer to continue dating you, do your best not to take it personally. It is not a reflection of you, but rather, of you and that person as one. Preparing yourself for the potential of failure can empower you to get back out there sooner, wasting less of your valuable time and energy.

There’s someone out there for everyone, so start by downloading LGBTQutie, our LGBT social app, and start making meaningful connections today.