October 30, 2016

Halloween has always been one of our favorite holidays of the year, and this Halloween weekend was no exception. Maybe you put on a costume, got boo-tiful, and headed out to your favorite queer-friendly bar or establishment. Maybe you stayed in and snuggled under the blankets to a scary movie. No matter what your fancy, we’re sure your Halloween weekend was a spine-tingling sensational time.

But now, let’s talk about Monday. If you’re looking for an alternative to spending a small fortune on Halloween candy and passing it out to little trick-or-treaters, or the cliche pumpkin carving contest, you’re in luck: LGBTQutie has compiled a list of 5 heart-warming Halloween night activities that are sure to rev up your Halloween romance without breaking the bank.

Bake Scary Sweets

If you have a sweet tooth and are looking to bite into some fun, romantic time with your partner, then consider this budget friendly activity. Who needs pumpkins when you’ve got sugar cookies and cupcakes? Head on over to your local grocer and pick up a couple of packages of sugar cookie mix, ingredients, and some Halloween colored icing—-we suggest red, black, orange and white. Pillsbury has suggestions for bakers of all levels with their 10 Easiest-Ever Halloween Treat ideas. From ghostly shaped sugar cookies to no-bake monster cereal bars, you’ll fill up on sweet, spooky fun.


Embark on a Halloween Photo Safari

If you have neighbors who are as enthusiastic about Halloween as you are, chances are they’ve decorated their houses to the nines. Grab a notebook and a pen, then sit down with your partner and create your list. You can make it as easy or as difficult as you like—from skeletons to black cats to gender bending Halloween costumes—create a diverse list of objects, costumes, or other fun Halloween themed objects to find. Then, grab your camera or smart phone, and let the games begin. Post them to your Twitter or Instagram account with the #LGBTQutieWeen and let us know what you discovered.


Put on a Sexy Costume for Their/Your Eyes Only

Unlike Christmas, Halloween is the perfect time to be naughty, not nice. If you’re looking for a fun way to spice up Halloween night, consider dressing up in your sexiest, most scantily clad costume for his, her, or their eyes only. Not partnered? No problem. Self love is the best type of love, so consider taking self-portraits and tuck them away for a rainy day. After all, bold is boo-tiful.


Make a Plan for the Zombie Apocalypse

Did you know that the Department of Defense has an actual plan for the zombie apocalypse? Yeah, we were shocked too. If you’re not ready to plan for marriage, consider a less fearful future alternative and make a plan for the inevitable doom of humanity. Make a list of all the people you love and would want to rescue first—it’s a great way to get to know the important people in one another’s lives. Then have some fun and create an escape route out of your city, or dream up everyday household items you’d use to slay those pesky dead beings.


Buff Up on Your Queer Halloween Films

Our friends at The Advocate have a compelling list of 13 Queer-Friendly Classics for Halloween. Grab your comfiest blanket, stream your Netflix, and get rolling. From gay directors to LGBTQ visibility, these films will surely thrill you in more ways than one.


Don’t have a partner? No problem. Hop on the LGBTQutie app for Iphone or Android and meet someone today, or text your bestie and see what tickles their fancy. Either way, those of us at LGBTQutie wish you a safe and happy Halloween.